Birth attendance at home

Attending home births has been our great passion from the very beginning, but due to the political situation in the profession, our own desire to have children and the resulting changes in the team, we are pausing home birth care from June 2024. 

Our focus remains on queer feminist midwifery work. We will continue to offer antenatal and postnatal care, as well as antenatal classes, lactation consultations and DIY insemination workshops.

People should be able to give birth in a place they feel safe and supported. This can be a different place for everyone! We have each taken a different path to homebirth midwifery* and we enjoy being homebirth midwives* because:

  • ....the person giving birth is the expert when it comes to their body and their needs. This individual experience and knowledge should be treated with respect. This is easiest for us to do outside of an institutional setting. And we love the feeling of being invited into our client's homes, rather than them coming to us.

  • ....it does matter how people give birth and are born: to individuals, families, and communities. Birth is a process guided by a symphony of hormones (that to this day no one fully understands or can recreate!), which usually works best when uninterrupted. What many birthing people need to do their work is affection, security, comfort, and the consistent presence of a trusted, knowledgeable supporter or supporters. We find the home can be an ideal place to hold space for these things.

  • ....for us, a relationship of trust between care-provider and client makes for optimal birth support. We have chosen to work in-depth with a small number of families each month to better provide them with continuous care.

  • ....without preemptive interventions in labor, the risk for complications is lower. For families with low-risk pregnancies, we feel most safe and comfortable catching babies in the home, where interventions are kept to a minimum. We feel lucky to work in a city like Berlin, with close access to many good hospitals in the rare event that additional medical support is necessary. We are prepared, both in our training and our equipment, to handle standard birth complications and support a transfer to the hospital if necessary.

  • ....because homebirth, for folks expecting a healthy birth, is an evidence based choice. For more information on this look in our Resources section or check out the FAQ

  • You haven't decided (yet) whether your birth should take place in a clinic, a birth center or at home? We are happy to advise you on your ideas, questions or uncertainties!