Our team

Welcome! We've founded Cocoon in 2019. At the moment we are a collective of five midwives*, with and without kids, queer-identified and allies, white, cis and trans*. Our first languages are German or English.

Imogen Raye Minton

Hi, I'm Imogen! My pronouns are she/her.

I am originally from the US, but have lived in Berlin since 2007. I became a midwife after getting my Bachelors in Gender and Sexuality, and Masters in International Public Health and Gender. I did my midwifery* training here in Berlin, and have since worked in home, hospital, and geburtshaus settings. Supporting people's agency and power during the transformative process of becoming parents is very important to me, and working especially to provide BIPoC, queer, trans* and inter* folks with senstive care is my central goal. It's an honor to learn from each of our clients how best to accompany them.

I am white, cis, queer, and speak german and english (though sometimes I feel like I'm getting worse in both languages!). I am thrilled to be founding this collective with such incredible midwives*.

Cato Warm

Hey, I´m Cato! My Pronouns are they/them, or he/him.

I've lived in Berlin for many years. After my Bachelor in Communications Science and Psychology in 2009 I started my midwifery training. It was important to me to find work for my hands and my heart. I am fascinated with everything surrounding Pregnancy and Birth support. Trans and queer sensitive care are very important to me. I feel enriched by every chance I get to accompany a person during their unique expereice of this life phase.

I myself am white, queer, trans*, non-bianary, parent to three wonderful people, and speak german fluently, and english shyly. I am so happy to be starting this collective with these great midwives*!

Toni Vanessa Böhm

Hey, my name is Toni (no pronouns).

I came to Berlin in 2017 after completing my B.Sc. Midwifery at the University of Health in Bochum. I was drawn straight into out-of-hospital obstetrics. Until 2021, together with the Maja Birth House team, I accompanied birth house and homebirths and took on responsibilities in the management.

For me, working as a midwife* is part of my feminist practice, which is about attentive accompaniment and strengthening reproductive rights. With the collective I have found a place and a team to deepen exactly these ideas and to help create a safe space for this very intense phase of life of birth and parenthood. I am queer. 

I currently provide support during pregnancy and the postpartum period, give courses and occasionally teach. I have completed further training to become an internal auditor, a practical instructor for students, pre-pregnancy and postpartum massage and baby massage as well as salutophysiology in midwifery.

I am queer, non-binary. I speak German and English.

Kjell A. Bühler

Hey, my name is Kjell (pronouns: she/her).

I'm queer and cis and part of the collective since we were founded in 2019. 2020 I've completed my midwife training (B.Sc. Midwifery). Before that, I studied Educational Sciences and Gender Studies and have worked, amongst other things, in the field of sexual education.

To co-found Cocoon during my midwife training has been a great source of strength for my midwifery work. It means a lot to me to be able to care for families-to-be in their process and especially during homebirth. Politically it's important to me to work for midwifery becoming more intersectional, queer-feminist and trans-inclusive, and that autonomy and self-determination of the pregnant and birthing person is the center of care.

I speak German and English.

Juliane Munk

Hej, I am Juliane/Jul (my pronoun is she/her).

Berlin is my hometown, since 2015 I live here permanently again and since October 2020 I work as a freelance midwife in out-of-hospital settings, first in a birth center and now since March 2022 in Cocoon Midwives* Collective. Sometimes I can hardly comprehend that I get to be a midwife and accompany people through this transformative time of pregnancy, during birth and in the postpartum period. In a time of multi-layered changes, to be allowed to be part of and just to be there, to be able to create a safe space and to see people in their individuality means a lot to me.I am very much looking forward to the upcoming collaboration, encounters and experiences at Cocoon.

Me, I am white, cis, straight and ally. I speak German and English.

Leonie Friedrich

Hey, I'm Leo (my pronouns are she/her).

I came to Berlin in 2019 after getting to care for families during home and Geburtshaus births for six years, with the wonderful midwives in Geburtshaus Bonn. I consider myself really lucky to have stumbled upon such great people here in Berlin, with whom to start this collective.

To be a midwife is polictical, and necessitates participating in polictical action. Our collective makes it possible for me to do this in a meaningful way. I really treasure the aspects of out-of-hospital care that allow me the time and space with clients to do important work together - for example, creating trust through building relationship. This is often an important element of caring for folks as they become parents in their familiar environment.

I am white, cis, hetero, an ally, and speak german, spanish and english. 

Leo sadly has moved to Cologne in March 2022.