Welcome! We are a collective of four midwives*, with and without kids, queer-identified and allies, white, cis and trans*. Our first languages are German or English. One of us also speaks Spanish. 

Imogen Raye Minton

Hi, I'm Imogen! My pronouns are she/her.

I am originally from the US, but have lived in Berlin since 2006. I became a midwife after getting my Bachelors in Gender and Sexuality, and Masters in International Public Health and Gender. I did my midwifery training here in Berlin, and have since worked in various settings: as a homebirth midwife, a beleg-midwife in the hospital, and in a Geburtshaus. Working towards social justice by supporting people during the transformative process of becoming parents is my guiding passion.

I am white, cis, queer, and speak german and english fluently (though sometimes I feel like I'm getting worse in both languages!). I am thrilled to be founding this collective with such incredible midwives*.

Cato Warm

Hey, I´m Cato! My Pronouns are they/them, or he/his.

I've lived in Berlin for many years. After my Bachelor in Communications Science and Psychology in 2009 I started my midwifery training. It was important to me to find work for my hands and my heart. I am fascinated with everything surrounding Pregnancy and Birth support. Trans and queer sensitive care are very important to me. I feel enriched by every chance I get to accompany a person during their unique expereice of this life phase.

I myself am white, queer, trans*, non-bianary, parent to three wonderful people, and speak german fluently, and english shyly. I am so happy to be starting this collective with these great midwives!

Leonie Friedrich

Hey, I'm Leo (my pronouns are she/her).

I came to Berlin in 2019 after getting to care for families during home and Geburtshaus births for six years, with the wonderful midwives in Geburtshaus Bonn. I consider myself really lucky to have stumbled upon such great people here in Berlin, with whom to start this collective.

To be a midwife is polictical, and necessitates participating in polictical action. Our collective makes it possible for me to do this in a meaningful way. I really treasure the aspects of out-of-hospital care that allow me the time and space with clients to do important work together - for example, creating trust through building relationship. This is often an important element of caring for folks as they become parents in their familiar environment.

I am white, cis, hetero, an ally, and speak german, spanish and english. 

Kjell A. Bühler

Hey, my name is Kjell (pronouns she/her) and I'm looking forward to working in the collective from November on!