Community and Courses

Community is very important to us, and is one answer to the isolation that some people experience when becoming parents - be it in the nuclear family, as single parents or in diverse constellations. Facilitating a network of mutual exchange and support among families and providers is central to our mission.

To encourage this, we offer our queer birth preparation classes and a variety of workshops, as well as interdiciplinary round tables and trainings. In the future, a major goal for us is finding a way to offer "Community Prenatals" and group appointments.

It is important to us that these are safer spaces. This means that state, hierarchical, and economic violence of any kind is not welcome.

Class and seminar calendar

For descriptions please check below!

September 2022:

Queer/Trans* Birth Preparation Class: 10th + 11th September 2022, 10am - 5pm
At: Familienzentrum Einhorn Berlin

November 2022:

Workshop DIY Insemination: 16th November 6-8pm
(in German)
at Regenbogen Familienzentrum (Berlin)

Queer/Trans* Birth Preparation Class: 19th + 20th November 2022, 10am - 5pm
At: Familienzentrum Einhorn Berlin

Queer/Trans* Birth Preparation Class: 26th + 27th November 2022, 10am - 5pm
At: Cologne, please register directly to:

March 2023:

Queer/Trans* Birth Preparation Class: 4th + 6th March 2023
where: tba (Berlin)

June 2023:

Queer/Trans* Birth Preparation Class: 10th + 11th June 2023
where: tba (Berlin)

Birth Preparation class for queers

*** Our Birth Preparation classes are taught in German, but a translator is welcome to attend with you ***

Please check out the German site for a description.

DIY Insemination Workshop

DIY Insemination is a way for people to get pregnant. In this seminar we want to share information about different methods of DIY Insemination with you, as well as our  experiences and insights. This course is for FLINTA* people (Women, Lesbians, Inter, Nonbinary and Trans*people.
We'll present the different variations of insemination, tools and techniques, as well as talk about the relevant anatomy, cycle observation and share a few tips about creating good conditions for conception. We also want to create a space for you to ask questions, and have an open exchange about DIY insemination in the group.
At the end of the evening, we may be joined by a person who has become pregnant via DIY Insemination themselves, and would like to share their experience.

Click contact to sign up for our classes, or check the websites of our hosts where listed.