Our Mission

Why a queer-feminist midwifery* collective?

By naming ourselves queer-feminist midwifery* collective we have chosen to integrate rather than separate our personal and professional values. We want to provide good, individualized care to all families. We work towards centering our practice in intersectionality, sex and body positivity, social and racial justice and queer-feminism. We learn from and with our clients how best to do this.

Wanting to hold space for and support (non-hierarchical) informed decision making, especially for women, non-binary and trans folks, drives our work.

The way that we as people are supported during the child-bearing cycle, the way that our wishes are respected and our bodies are treated, informs how we are able to heal, grow and parent. We believe that the key to an empowering birth is self-determination. A positive birth experience doesn't have to be one where everything went according to plan. But it is often one where the decisions were made by the birthing person with confidence.

We have chosen to work together in a collective structure because this form of partnership best supports our group needs. We want to to share work, skills and responsibility with each other as free from hierarchy as possible. In the workload we choose together, we are able to prioritize our own health, boundaries, and work/private-life balance. We do this because we believe we are best able to support our clients when we ourselves are well.

It is our goal as midwives*, both in our work with each other and with our clients, to practice based on respect, equity, and the best current scientific evidence. We want to learn from our clients the best way to support them as individuals in a way that focuses on their agency, and their unique needs and resources.