Links and Resources

Here we've complied a list of resources that we think may be helpful to people navigating pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Most of the resources are in English, some in German.

We're always adding things to this list, so check back regularly!

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Important / Current Birth and Health Events

Support Casa Kuà! Casa Kuà is a trans* inter* queer* community and health center in Kreuzberg, Berlin. This place is organized by trans* and non binary BIPoCs to make health more accessible to other trans*, inter* non binary and queer people, especially those affected by racism. Support by contributing time, money or materials if you can: Crowdfunding Campaign Video about the project

Trans* and non-binary parenting/pregnancy group at Casa Kuà

Our sibling Teams elsewhere in Germany


Doulas we recommend:

  • Jes Walsch: Full spectrum Doula, queer and trans* friendly/specialized doula and birth photographer, also offers care to families experiencing miscarriage or abortion
  • Kemoy: Full spectrum Doula and Yoga guide. "I am a Black, Queer, Cis Woman and... I aim to support other Queer and/or Black, Indigenous and People of Color through pregnacy, childbirth and beyond."
  • Gem Kocher: Full spectrum queer-feminist Doula and trained lactation consultant - check out the extensive resources linked throughout their website.
  • Camalo Gaskin: Full spectrum Doula, Bodyworker, Educator. Queer and Trans* friendly. Camalo also teaches regular doula immersion courses for folks interested in this path