Our Offerings

Midwifery* support, courses, workshops

Midwifery* support

Fertility counseling

We support people in making decisions about their fertility and family-planning. In addition to our DIY Insemination workshops, we offer individual counseling on how to get pregnant: for people who make their own sperm and egg cells, and for those who don't.  We might focus on gathering information, understanding the fertility cycle, where and how to order sperm, methods of insemination, and how to increase fertility.

We offer this counseling on a donation basis!

Get in touch through our Contact page to make an appointment.

Prenatal and postpartum care

Every person has the right to sensitive, client-centered midwifery* care during pregnancy and after birth.

In addition to the families who plan homebirths with us, we also keep some spaces for prenatal and post-partum care open each month for families who have chosen other places to give birth.

This care is full-spectrum and also includes midwifery* support during miscarriage or adoption. Check out our Capacity to see if we have a spot for you!

We offer baby-feeding support in general, as well as counseling on induced lactation (nursing without giving birth) for all people with nipples.

Home birth

The foundation of our homebirth practice is low-intervention, evidence-based care. Are you wondering if a homebirth might be right for you? Get in touch with us to make a non-binding first appointment and we can consider together.
Except in rare cases (because of distance for example) we accompany all families that plan a homebirth with us during pregnancy and post-partum as well.
You can find more information under our FAQs and Homebirth

We support families mainly in the areas of Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Treptow, Prenzlauer Berg, western Lichtenberg and Schöneberg.. Depending on the kind of care you choose (homebirth/ post partum) and your address we will decide if our capacities allow us to work with you. We are happy to work with people regardless of their gender or sexual identity or family constellation. Everyone is welcome, whether you're trans*, cis, straight or queer!

Events and Courses

Information about our courses and events you find here.

  • DIY Insemination
  • Birthing classes for queer parents 
  • Pelvic Floor classes / Post-Partum Strength (in planning)
  • Training for birth care professionals

Are you interested in talking to us about doing a workshop or informational event for your organization?

Great! Please get in touch with us through out contact page to discuss availability and costs.